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What do we do ?

In our centers, we help pregnant women, children from 0 to 5 years old and their families, with the assistance of professionals and the collaboration of volunteers in order to fight malnutrition in a comprehensive way.

¿Qué hacemos?

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Our Centers

At Nutrir Salta we have 4 centers.







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In each one we have a team made up of pediatric doctors, social workers, psychologists, nutritionists, elementary teachers, and workshop coordinators who work with children and mothers, attacking the causes that originate malnutrition.

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CONIN Salta Capital I

This center is located in the Solidaridad Neighborhood and serves the vulnerable population in the southeast of Salta town.

CONIN Salta Capital II

It is located in the macro-center of  Salta town and serves mainly the population of Atocha, Campo Quijano and Rosario de Lerma.

Nuestrs Centros
Salta Capital
Salta Capital II
La Unión

CONIN Morillo

It is located in Rivadavia Banda Norte, one of the poorest areas of the country. We work in different places with Wichi communities.

CONIN The Union

It serves a population similar to that of Morillo but is located in Rivadavia Banda Sur.

Nutrir Salta-04.png

Our way of working

Prevention : We try to prevent children with high social risk from being affected by malnutrition, checking  them in  periodically.

Follow-up : In the case of malnutrition, the child enters the program to regain his health. At the same time, we guide and help mothers to understand the problem and collaborate in the treatment .

Education for social inclusion : We believe that education is the best tool for human and social promotion. That is why in our centers, we organize educational workshops of different types and themes.  

A lo largo de 11 años de trabajo logramos cambiar la historia de muchos niños.


Ayudanos para que a ningún niño le falte su bigote de leche.

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